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The Jacobite rebellions against the Union that followed in and are not to be confused with the Jacobin revolutionaries of France. The reactionary Jacobite project of restoring the Catholic Stuarts to the throne brought together those disaffected elements of Scottish society, such as the defenders of the backward-looking Highland clan system, left behind by the process of capitalist modernisation. They were opposed by many Scots who had invested their futures in the Union.

Some of the biggest clan chiefs fought against the Jacobites — notably the powerful Campbells a clan of which my forefathers, the Humes, formed a junior branch.

In the final confrontation at Culloden, three Scottish regiments played a leading role in the slaughter of the Highlanders. This was less a national struggle than a civil war between the modernising Scottish bourgeoisie and the fragmented, outdated defenders of the old regime.

Scotland and Wales will no longer tolerate English domination. Scottish statesmen, soldiers and settlers helped to carve out and control the Empire from which Scottish capitalism profited.

Mythical Scotland: Exploring the Legends

Thomas Carlyle was a Scottish historian and philosopher whose early radical Protestantism is seen as a formative influence on the Scottish tradition of Presbyterian socialism. There is a longstanding notion that Scottish independence could lead to some sort of socialist republic, because Scotland has always been more radically inclined than its Tory-fied neighbours to the south. Nice idea, shame about the facts.

Even in the twentieth century, Scotland often voted more conservatively than England. The Unionist Party, allied with the English Tories, won In the Unionists won a massive Those who imagine that Scottish nationalism was a radical reaction against this state of affairs should think again. These Unionist allies of right-wing Tories had no aversion to the modest aims of Scottish national autonomy within the Empire.

It is only really since the Thatcher era of the s that Scotland has appeared consistently to the left of England, voting first overwhelmingly for Labour and then increasingly for the SNP. Scots have indeed often been at the forefront of the historical struggles of the British working class, never more so than in the era of Red Clydeside before and after the First World War. But those struggles were at their best and strongest when the Scottish people looked beyond their borders, to link up with workers in England and around the world.

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It was when they were defeated that Scottish leftists have tended to draw the wrong conclusions, blame the English, and withdraw into their nationalist shell. Look, indeed, at Red Clydeside. At its peak in this movement, centred on mass strikes in Glasgow for a hour week in the engineering industry, was potentially a revolutionary challenge to the British capitalist state.

No Scottish movement alone could face down the might of the British state. Workers down in London were ready to act in their support. Isolated and defeated, the Scottish left-wing leaders turned their movement in on itself. They blamed the betrayal on the fact that top trade-union officials sat in London, and looked instead for a Scottish solution. Large cheering crowds saw them off on the train to London.

History suggests that national liberation struggles which lead to the defeat and dismantling of an oppressor state can indeed strike major blows for liberty.

First, there is no national liberation movement struggling for freedom in Scotland — just an SNP leadership taking advantage of the loss of cohesion at the centre to advance modest demands for an independent entity still under the British queen and the British pound. Second, Britain is not an oppressor state north of the border see above. And third, a Yes vote next month will not lead to the actual dismantling of the state, but rather to its reorganisation on more divisive and narrow-minded lines, setting back any united attempt at striving for liberty in the UK.

Ironically, their ideas here are simply the flipside of those flirted with by the Tories they despise.

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A History of Scotland

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A History of Scotland Look Behind the Mist and Myth of Scottish History

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Looking at Scotland's majestic landscapes and turbulent history, there's no better creature to represent this unique land and its bold people. In Scottish folklore, kelpies are shape-shifting, horse-like water spirits said to have the strength and endurance of horses. Considered one of the most beautiful places on the Isle of Skye , the lake has been the subject of many Scottish writers and painters over the years. April — October. The Kelpies are located in the park at The Helix , though you'll easily spot the massive figures while driving.

Later that same year the first purported photograph was published. Loch Ness is, in fact, the second deepest body of water in Scotland and contains more fresh water than all the lakes of England and Wales combined, which seems like plenty of room for a giant monster. Common speculation among Nessie enthusiasts is that the creature descended from a species of dinosaur, though the scientific community has not weighed in.

If you've been following the TV series Outlander , then you probably know that Highlanders had many superstitions surrounding fairies.

Originally thought to be evil, fairies were believed to live deep within the heather of Fairy Glen. This bizarre landscape of supernaturally green, grassy knolls is a lovely spot for a walk on a nice day. But if you visit this purported home of fairies, make sure to be on your best behaviour; word has it that they are vengeful to ill-mannered folks while repaying acts of kindness with good luck. Also located on Skye, near Glenbrittle at the foot of the Black Cuillins , this is an idyllic spot for a walk along the rocky terrain, beside the bubbling stream, crystal-clear pools and little waterfalls — great photo opportunities all around.

It is said that fair ies bathe here in the cold pools, and brave visitors sometimes do as well! Selkies : These mythical creatures originated on the Orkney and Shetland Islands. Have something particular in mind? Get in touch with the friendly Scotland travel experts at Nordic Visitor for your own tailor-made itinerary. When not writing about Northern European tourist attractions, Jessica Bowe is busy daydreaming about her next trip or scouring Instagram for travel inspiration.

Originally from Wisconsin USA , she's lived in Iceland since and has since become fully immersed in Eurovision mania and Scandinavian coffee culture.

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