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Q. When was the Civil War fought?

Nelson initially was buried at Camp Dick Robinson, but his remains eventually were reinterred in Maysville. Wayland, Blacklock, aR Laura E. William Nelson Pendleton began his military career after graduating fifth in his class from the United States Military Academy in Civil War Collection. Civil War Union Major General.

Major topics are antebellum plantation life at Norwood in Nelson County, Va. He gained fame for his role as a Union general during the American Civil War. After being assembled in , they were used to facilitate post-war claims cases filed by Southern citizens. New York. The May 30 series of dedication events marked one of the final projects of the Civil War Sesquicentennial th anniversary and provided KHS with another opportunity to partner with multiple local history organizations. William Nelson, Dean at Howard, Dies.

Despite having no formal military training, Forrest rose from the rank of private to lieutenant general The papers reproduced in this publication were created or received by the Confederate War and Treasury departments.

Civil War Generals

The following is taken from New York in the War of the Rebellion, 3rd ed. He entered the United States navy as midshipman, Jan. They are in the order in which they occurred during the Civil War. Army officer. By Jean R. This archive serves as a valuable resource for those wishing to develop a more in depth understanding of the important events of the Civil War.

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He gave his age at enlistment as Nelson did not die on the field of battle, but instead was shot and killed on September 29, , by the unfortunately named Union general Jefferson C. Scope and Content. He decided at this time to enter the Episcopal ministry, and was ordained in William Starke Rosecrans September 6, — March 11, was an American inventor, coal-oil company executive, diplomat, politician, and U.

In addition to battles fought, injuries and POW info, each Civil War bio typically has genealogy data such as birthplace and birthdate, parents, spouse, children and occupation.

Perkins Marlitta H. Many more in our holdings have not been identified. Jefferson C. Introduction Scope of the List. Alice Fahs. William H. Consists primarily of photocopies of Civil War letters This record contains unverified, old data from caption card. Just after the outbreak of the Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln authorized him to arm Kentucky loyalists with 5, muskets.

Ashbury, Joseph Myers, William C. Charles Adams account books, William Nelson Pendleton and the seminary students "because they spoke a powerful language". Grant at Appomattox Court House, Virginia.

The military background of the war

John Marmaduke; and Gen. Confederate Full Generals. Read an overview of Wisconsin's involvement in U. Carroll County Civil War soldiers records, Accession June , Register for CWI Johnston and Robert E. Civil War U. Through these literate, perceptive, and illuminating letters, readers can trace Lt. There are also newsclippings on Honour William Nelson Cromwell January 17, — July 19, was an American attorney active in promotion of the Panama Canal and other major ventures especially in cooperation with Philippe Bunau-Varilla.

The Rebel cavalry escaped, and Nelson continued on his way. The collections may include references to the war. This database contains the names of approximately 6. Stephen Railton.

Strategic plans

Navy who served in the Union Army In the spirit of genealogy standards, and the law, these photos are copyrighted so do not clip and post them to other websites without getting permission. Lee surrendered to Union General Ulysses S. During the Civil War, according to statisticians Dyer and Phisterer , Kentucky provided 75, troops to the Union and approximately 35, to the Confederacy. He was actually William Nelson, born in , near Maysville, Kentucky, grew up in an atmosphere of influence and wealth. Sources checked: www; Boatner; Pendleton; William Nelson, The service records of these men, North and Nelson, William, major-general, was born near Maysville, Ky.

Civil War Photos

The images found in this section have been gathered from various manuscript collections and offer a glimpse at the wide variety of material available at the Tennessee State Library and Archives that may be of interest to those researching Civil War history and genealogy. He was, born at Lexington, Va. Colored Troop units during the Civil War. Adams, Charles. Nelson, James. This index card contains the name of the Civil War soldier occasionally listed with alias and the names of any dependents such as a widow, child, etc.

This is a list of all the photographs found in the Prints and Photographs Division's "Civil War Negatives and Related Prints" and Feinberg-Whitman collections that depict named Civil War soldiers with the rank of private, corporal, or sergeant. William Nelson, Jr.

Evaluating Civil War Generals

Meanwhile, Buckner, arguably the best officer of the three, was marched off to a Northern prisoner- of war camp. The Army of Tennessee had more than its share of general feuds, which usually seemed to start at the top with the general commanding.

Robert E. Lee

During his tenure at the head of the Army of Tennessee, Braxton Bragg made history by single-handedly setting military science and personnel management back to the Stone Age. It was Bragg, one should remember, who once got into an argument with himself while commanding a frontier post and serving at the same time as post quartermaster. Bragg quarreled, at some point, with everybody who served under him.

It was not just that his cold, imperious manner offended everyone; he also displayed appalling incompetence, which only he failed to discern. Long before Forrest became fed up with Bragg and told him so to his face, other general officers had reached the same conclusion, although they expressed their opinions with more circumspection. It is doubtful that the men in the ranks failed to sense the cool relations between their senior officers. After the Battle of Stones River, a strategic reverse for the Confederacy, Bragg took the highly unusual step of canvassing his officers to ask for their frank assessment of his leadership.

All his division commanders advised him to resign immediately.

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Polk even wrote a personal letter to Jefferson Davis asking that Bragg be relieved. It was no coincidence that shortly thereafter Bragg placed Polk under arrest for his conduct in the recent battle and forwarded formal charges against him to Richmond. Davis, who considered both Bragg and Polk personal friends, refused to take action, and the charges were dropped. Worse still, Polk stayed with the army. He also added, disingenuously, I am influenced by no personal motive.

Longstreet always saw himself in a grander role than his superiors allowed.