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The role of religious movements in anti-gay activities is why it came as good news that last week the leaders of 46 American religious organizations sent a letter to every member of Congress. The signers included Catholic, Protestant and Jewish groups.

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It could wreak havoc internationally. How should religiously inclined people who are committed to justice approach this gathering storm? First, clearly religion is not the only source of anti-gay attitudes. Gay pride marches were banned in Jerusalem, but they were also banned in China, hardly a hot bed of piety.

Americans should learn from our own excesses that it is important to preserve civil discourse wherever possible. And we should be careful not to overlook the importance of genuine cultural differences. For example, we should not confuse a pressing concern for human rights with the vexed dispute over the effectiveness of condoms. And yet the pope's view appears to be supported in a recent book authored by Dr.

This argument is also supported by Martin Ssempa, a prominent Ugandan AIDS activist, who has gone further to suggest that pharmaceutical giants have promoted condoms in Africa to increase their profits. The jury is still out on this global dispute, but it suggests that religious groups approach this issue with a mixture of delicacy and firmness. They must speak out clearly against an atmosphere of hate and hostility toward gays, while at the same time avoiding taking a religiously endorsed position on which AIDS prevention programs are actually more effective. This is a matter to be settled by medical science, not by theology or ideology.

He did not mention the noxious bill.

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He should have. In addition to speaking out, religious groups would do well to set an example. The recent decision of Rev. Still, he did the right thing. At the moment this idea amounts mainly to a hope.

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I do not expect Pope Benedict or the majority of American evangelicals to embrace it tomorrow. But it is not just an idle hope. It could one day become a reality. We use cookies to understand how you use our site and to improve your experience. To learn more, review our Cookie Policy. By continuing to use our site, you accept our use of cookies and Privacy Policy. About Us Contact Donate Now.

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  5. Listen navigate down. News Programs navigate down. Christianity, Islam, the colonial enterprise and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights also have a universal dimension while not incorporating all humanity. The reality now is that all the inhabitants of this earth are not only actors but objects of globalization.


    Globalization is perceived in these ways today:. It seems that we have entered a new era where the market economy has virtually conquered the world. The globalization of trade has eliminated many barriers of the movement of people, capital and goods. Globalization is neither good nor bad.

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    It depends on our actions. No economic or political system is an end in itself -- it must serve the human person. Globalization, like any other system, must serve solidarity and the common good. Covering Climate Now : NCR joins more than news outlets in a weeklong collaboration of climate change coverage.

    Learn more. New religions coming from the southern part of the globe are taking root in countries that have long been Christian. Christianity has returned to being an urban religion now confronting a new secularizing culture. The world of today, as a whole, is more "religious" than ever. I am not saying "Christian. In Asia, globalization has not favored secularization, but instead, a rediscovery of the local religions. So globalization is not only an economic problem; it also encompasses the cultural, political, ethical and ecological aspects of life.

    Actually, Christianity is inherently universalist. Just remember the story of Pentecost: each felt the message of the Apostles in their own language.

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    It is the opposite of the Tower of Babel that reduced human diversity to a single model. So I would say that a Christian should lead the globalization of communication. For the Catholic Church, there is a need for ethical values that rests upon two inseparable principles.


    The first, the inalienable value of human person, source of all human rights and of the whole social order. The human being must always be the end and not the means, a subject and not an object nor a commodity. Second principle: the value of human cultures cannot be minimized or destroyed by any power.

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    Globalization should not be a new version of colonialism. It must respect the diversity of cultures. It should not deprive the poor of their religious beliefs and practices that manifest human freedom. It is especially important that the leaders of society are convinced of the need to monitor technological developments, in itself positive, to promote respect for fundamental human values and the common good, especially everything related to biotechnology.

    Our ethics demand that all human systems must harmonize with human needs because the human person can never be sacrificed in the name of any system -- political, social or economic. My desire is that your reflection will bring to the fore a consensus and conviction that the benefits of globalization should fall on all of humanity and not only a small rich elite that controls science, technology, communications and the world's resources, penalizing the vast majority of people around the world. Believers - and Christians in particular - should help to promote a globalization that serves the human person in its entirety.

    Recently, the Holy Father reminded German parliamentarians of the need to make diversity a source of wealth.