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Excel 2013 Simplified

Then, click the Edit tab and do one of these things:. Be sure to create this list in an out-of-the-way spot. If you delete it or accidentally write over it, the restricted list will stop working. However, the list items must reside in the same sheet as the restricted list or you must assign a range name to the list items.

With the list in place see steps 1 and 2 in the section "Use lists to reduce keystrokes" , select the list you want to restrict. In this case, that's column D, or cells D2:D With the list selected, you're ready to enable data validation as follows:.

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This feature doesn't force users to use the drop-down list; users can manually enter an existing item via the keyboard if they prefer. If you want the drop-down list in a particular order, sort the original list Figure D. You can do so before or after enabling validation. Initially, the form displays the first record in the list.

Click New to display a blank form, enter data, and press Enter. Excel will transfer the data from the form to the list worksheet and expand the list by one record. You can use a data entry form to enter new records, edit existing data, and delete existing records. Unfortunately, Excel's automated data entry forms don't support AutoComplete the way lists do. However, your data entry form will inherit data validation settings. In the case of the example list, the data entry form's CategoryID field will reject invalid data, just as the worksheet does.

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Users who spend a lot of time entering new data will appreciate your efforts to increase their productivity and accuracy. Combine Excel's list, AutoComplete, and data validation settings to reduce keystrokes and restrict entries to protect the validity of your data. Or use a quick data entry form to automate a data entry task.

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Susan Sales Harkins is an IT consultant, specializing in desktop solutions. Previously, she was editor in chief for The Cobb Group, the world's largest publisher of technical journals. Use lists to reduce keystrokes One of the simplest ways to control data entry is to let Excel enter as much of the data as possible using the list feature.

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Here are the steps for creating a list: Select any cell inside the worksheet for which you want to define a list. Choose List from the Data menu and then select Create List.

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Excel will display the Create List dialog box and display the range for the worksheet, as shown in Figure A. If the range isn't correct, check for a blank row in the worksheet. Excel's list feature can accommodate blank cells, but Excel interprets a blank row as the end of the active data. If necessary, select the My List Has Headers option. Usually, it's selected by default.

enter Figure A. Editor's Picks. Does it feel like your new Windows 8 OS is missing something?

Excel 2013

It might be because Microsoft Office is not out yet; it is scheduled to be released Q1 of The updated Office applications have been overhauled to flow with Windows 8, and we want highlight five of these new features found specifically in Excel Recommended Pivot Table Have you ever looked at the totals on a completed spreadsheet and wondered if perhaps you overlooked something big? Recommended Pivot Table is a helpful new feature that can discover new and insightful data that you may have missed.

Excel can analyze all the various rows of your data and present you with new options, new tables, and new insight.

Recommended Charts You have invested a lot time compiling your data; you should have a great looking chart to reflect this. With Recommended Charts, Excel makes choosing an attractive chart or graph as easy as one click. This makes picking out new charts fast and easy, so you can spend less time picking out chart styles and more time crunching numbers.