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Sign In. Hey, I just bought this one, will probably read it after "Unseen Academics" I know it's not the order in which they were written, but I think that's not critical I like how the image seems "shot" with a fisheye lens. Roytrommely Hobbyist General Artist.

Old comment, but same here. KatyCrash Student General Artist. Fantastic cover and representation of the book. Is it possible to find posters of your Discworld illustrations via the editor, maybe? MarcSimonetti Professional Digital Artist. Well there's the official calendar with my illustrations available on amazon there: [link] Some posters will be available soon on the Discworld emporium website Death and those skull-like coconuts are marvellous.

Hamtja Student Digital Artist. If this is Ysabell in the back Great work. I wish you had done also polish covers for Terry Pratchett's book. Joe-Roots Professional Digital Artist. Colors here are the first thing that strike me. The composition with the blade is exceptional. This face is extremely convincing.

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Quirky, but full of bright colours and great characters I love it. I dunno! Really, to walk the shoes of the mythical Josh Kirby's covers for the Discworld collection must be some hell of a job and an absolute thrill!

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But still you art work is amazing and totally to part with the originals! Oh my god you draw cover art for discworld novels??? That is incredible I love the paul kidby illustrations. She was being led by Jaime to a secret pathway out of the Red Keep. Unfortunately, the path was blocked by a wall of stone, and Jaime and Cersei held each other as the building collapsed on top of them. The prophecy of the valonqar is not the only prophecy that Game of Thrones has ignored - and technically, the valonqar part of Maggy's speech didn't even make it into the series.

However, Game of Thrones has also done away with the idea of the Horn of Winter that could bring down the Wall , choosing to use a zombie-dragon instead, and it's dumped the coming of Azor Ahai in favor of assassin-Arya. All of which was fun to watch unlike the valonqar-bricks , but it points to a bigger problem. Doing away with one prophecy is an interesting way to make the point that it's important not to put too much stock in visions and fortunes.

However, Westeros is a world of magic, dragons, and Three-Eyed Ravens, and prophecies are a huge part of that. The decision to ignore essentially every prophecy isn't one that feels carefully chosen to make a point, but that seems like lazy writing. Bran's visions were easy to bring to the show, so they stayed put.

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Azor Ahai and the Valonqar, however, were a little more complex, so rather than explore them, Game of Thrones deleted them. As well as prophecies, Game of Thrones doesn't seem to know what to do with Cersei's pregnancy, and her death proves that this is another storyline that was dumped after it stopped being useful. This season, she decided to tell Euron that the baby was his - yet this all comes to nothing, because she was killed off before she even started showing. Ignoring the huge timeline issues that come with this particular pregnancy, this feels like another particularly pointless storyline, thrown in at the last minute for no real reason.

It may have helped explain why she decided to allow Euron into her bed, but other than providing some particularly creepy scenes , Euron absolutely didn't have to sleep with her in order for his arc to make sense, nor did she have to tell him that she was pregnant. Similarly, it was used to explain why Tyrion would believe her , but this could have happened for a number of different reasons.

When the announcement was first made, fans assumed that this would somehow be significant; perhaps a child would be born before Cersei was killed, and raised to be either an ally or enemy in the future. Perhaps she would die in childbirth. Perhaps her death while pregnant would serve as a motivator for Jaime to seek revenge for the death of his child.

All kinds of options were open, but instead, the storyline went nowhere, and her pregnancy didn't seem to factor in to much at all, except for possibly Jaime's defection back to the Lannister side. Speaking of which, Cersei's death also brought Jaime's arc to a spectacularly unfulfilling close. After seven seasons of character development, of seeing him learn to be a better person, turn away from Cersei, and fall for Brienne, fans were thrilled to see just how much he had changed from the arrogant blond who pushed a kid off a tower.

Many hoped that he would turn out to be the valonqar and kill her, marking a total change in who he was. Instead, Jaime inexplicably turned back to King's Landing, and died in a romantic scene with his sister, doing away with years of a carefully drawn story. It's not surprising that fans were furious that the two were simply crushed together, when both deserved more of an end than that. Not to mention the particularly unrealistic way that the two reconnected.

Somehow, Jaime was able to get seemingly fatally stabbed through the gut, twice , and then climb his way into the Red Keep from the beach, find Cersei, climb halfway back down again, and comfort her as they died. More than anything, this felt like the show needed the Lannister twins dead before the finale, and didn't bother putting in the time to do their deaths justice. Time, of course, is the key here. In many more areas than just Cersei's death, the final season of Game of Thrones feels incredibly rushed - there's just not enough time to allow these characters arcs to play out in full.

Furthermore, Cersei will certainly not suffer the same disappointing fate on the page, because while the valonqar part of Maggy's prophecy was cut in the series, it's a much larger part of the books, and will presumably come to fruition in some shape or form.

Death comes to Mort Livre Audio

Without time and episode constraints, George R. Martin can unspool Cersei's story in a way that ties up the loose ends of prophecy and pregnancy, should that pop up in the books , and that hopefully gives her a little more of a chance to be cunning, not just to stand in the keep while her city burns, and then run away to be crushed. The Golden Company is also going to presumably have a bigger role to play, as will the many characters that the show cut out. At the very least, it's highly unlikely that a ton of bricks will be her downfall, and for that, book readers can be extremely grateful.

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