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The Charlie Parker Mysteries, no. 5

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Oh Say Can You Fudge. Nancy Coco. Spellbound Sweets. Connie Shelton. Sticky Sweet. The Woodcarver's Secret. Sweets Forgotten. The Trophy Wife Exchange. Bitter Sweet. Sweet Holidays. I don't remember the title or much about the plot, but I vividly remember that I was seven years old at the time and my immediate reaction was to beg my mother to take me back to the library so I could get another one. There has never been a time, for the rest of my life, that I haven't been reading a book. All this reading is surely a big factor in why I so much wanted to become a writer.

Do you remember the first story you ever wrote? Once I became determined to write a novel, I had a lot of false starts. I'd get a few pages done and then couldn't figure out where it should go next. I read one book on writing craft and then jumped in, and over the course of two years I finished a page manuscript. My opening scene must have been pretty good--it won third place in a writing competition--but the whole book never got picked up by a publisher, and later advice from a writer friend was that I get back to basics and come up with a better plot.

Charlie and her trusty sidekick dog are supposed to handle the business side of RJP Investigations while her brother, Ron, does the detecting. However, somehow Charlie always manages to get more involved than she wants to be. But these five spunky females are determined not to let them get away with their crimes.

It's vigilante justice with a woman's touch when the Heist Ladies jump in to steal it back--jewels, money, dignity, reputation. They'll get it every time! Words: 77, Language: English. Charlie and Drake are working a helicopter job in rural Maine when a man asks for their help. Words: 78, She has sunk her life savings into his latest movie investment scheme. Big returns were promised, along with the chance to hobnob with famous actors. Words: 82, USA Today bestselling author Connie Shelton has nearly 2 million books sold and downloaded in more than 60 countries.

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Words: 79, She teams up with the Heist Ladies whose mission is to see justice done, and Clint Holbrook is the perfect guy to do it to. Words: 30, But when one of the guests is murdered and a rare book vanishes, Sam is in the midst of another mystery.

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Words: 70, A missing million-dollar necklace, a nearly flawless museum robbery, a stalled police investigation. Caught in the middle, successful novelist Penelope Fitzpatrick stands to lose her family treasure. When no one else is willing to act, she and a group of friends band together. Cheating spouses, a pawned Super Bowl ring, a hundred-thousand-dollar scam.

That's only one of Charlotte "Charlie" Parker's new cases. The second has Charlie tracking teenage twin girls who practically live on social media. One case turns into a comedy of errors, while the other has dark and potentially deadly implications, and Charlie is right in the middle. Words: 72, Samantha Sweet has a contract to provide her special handmade chocolates for the wealthy jet-set clients of Book It Travel, and her bakery is taking on a whole new dimension.

A spooky old Victorian house might provide just the right space--or it might be haunted. Words: 75, It's Ron Parker's wedding day but when his sister Charlie stops by to pick up the bride, the house is in disarray and the bride is missing. Ron's dilemma--a terrible argument with his fiancee the night before and no alibi. It gets worse when the media jumps on the story and the police treat Ron as a suspect.

Charlie has her hands full solving this one.