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Warmer climate means more cold drinks sales.

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Coke should be supporting sceptics. Record low temperatures in such diverse environments as Florida, Scandanavia and the UK certainly take a lot of explaining in terms of global warming…. Perhaps more than one factor is involved. Have you checked any tree rings for correlation? I do not believe in global warming, but…they predicted extremes, one for them. Now, when all he extremes are on the low side…we win…. They are boiling hot. Nixon, So let see We have South America: one of the coldest winters on record snow fall in the Amazon jungle loss of life, loss of cattle and crops Australia and New Zealand both having cold winters and early snow fall,parts of Australia having cold and wet summer.

Oh and NZ temp record found be falsified and no warming for the last 50 years!! Parts of North Western Europe having early and extreme cold and snow, Monglia and China having extreme cold parts of the USA having cool and wet summer now having extreme snow events, frost in southern USA.

Miami International records go back to , another community looking forward to the Wright Brothers. Not unusual, as I recall several winters over the last 60 years that have been like that.

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This morning a cold front swept through with snow and rapidly falling temps. It is currently 6. It will probably hit 0 deg F or lower tonight, so it is busy balancing out the numbers as we speak. Lots of folks are going to lose water pipes and engine blocks tonight, as it has been a while since we had a sharp temperature drop like this, with no warning for the uninitiated to get things winterized. Now that all weather is proof of global warming, they cannot revert to their previous position.

Miami, Florida, USA — Sunrise, Sunset, and Daylength, June 12222

Pehaps this change of tack is a result of that meeting, figuring that the new, and irrefutable, argument avoids any embarassement that might be caused by future cold periods. It looks like it is appearing in tandem with the negative NAO of the northern hemisphere. The last negative phase was from similar to the negative phase of the NAO. It has been cool here for months, where is our summer?? So the cool is not only in the northern hemisphere. They are also the first ones to believe the planet is overpopulated.

No wonder when you live in a matchbox sized apartment. Now that they all have wireless gizmos they are ripe for that step. Your iphone is killing the trees, that kinda thing. AGW already gets a little blue in the face. It is puzzling that the cold Miami temps are explained by cold Canadian Arctic air and yet so much of Eastern Canada is unseasonably mild. How does the cold air get there without cooling everything in between?

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Some winters are milder and some are harsher. Same with the summers. What I can say with absolute certainty is that the sea water level has not risen even an inch in my entire life here. I can walk over to the water and look at the markers put there thirty years ago, fifty years ago, and seventy years ago.

No change. This is what made me suspicious of AGW in the first place. If you go go Key West and look at the water markers there for the southernmost tip of the US, you will discover that there has been no sea level rise in more than a century.

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Imagine that. People screaming about this winter being unusual are just a bunch of drama queens. Though LA might dispute that! Steve from rockwood asked: Eastern Canada is unseasonably mild. Eastern Canada started out cold, but most of the cold air in Florida came from western Canada.

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The same blocking pattern featuring a deep low stalled over eastern Canada pumped warm air up and around and back into eastern Canada. Eventually some of that less frigid air made it to Virginia. In our third December cold blast we had the same flow as the first two cold blasts, but less cold air was available up in Canada. This is one big mass of cold air. By morning, most of the country will seem very cold. Chris in cold Hervey Bay says:. December 30, at pm It has been cool here for months, where is our summer??

Jimbo I am going to wait a week or so until the annual temperature data settles down and is verified. However from my preliminary study over a few very scattered Australian locations, once you account for UHI and I have been able to do that for some locations very successfully there is no indication that maximum temperature in these places has varied significantly for well over years. The interviewee was described as the head of the IPCC, but he talked with and Aussie accent, when I would have expected a more Indian one.

He said that they could not account for the rise without including CO2.

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But he is the expert and so he MUST be right, or xxxxxxxxxx fill in the blanks to your taste. Happy New Year. The warmists know the tide has moved against them. The New York Times is trying to spin the new EPA rules as us against the oil companies without addressing the reaction by the masses should it become unaffordable to heat our houses. The recent congressional elections have put fear into the small elite liberal wing of the democratic party. They do not believe in green jobs.

Democrats have mistakenly counted on Hispanic voters but have instead watched as Hispanics took a republican governorship in New Mexico and of course the Senate seat in Florida. Raul Grivalja, the most left wing member of congress barely survived in Arizona. The Democrats are overseeing the destruction of the American oil industry while we import 12 million barrels a day of oil.

Even President Lula of Brazil a trained Marxist has rediscovered populist capitalism while Brazil rapidly becomes the top oil exporter in the Western Hemisphere from deep water oil deposits from the Atlantic offshore. Next year we will have a bond crisis that will reveal that Emperor Obama has no clothes and has abdicated leadership to China, India and Brazil.

But is it the same planet? However, if you enter as the start date on the website you will see that Florida has cooled since then at the rate of -. In other words temps in Florida are falling off a cliff. Ask your congressman and television weatherman to comment on this. That heat, of course, though lost to space will be replaced by more heat…from the oceans…which are…cooling.

I assume a lot of heat was sucked up by the hurricane season, however a lot of the cooling has occurred since then, and seems likely due to the cold air pouring south from Canada, over the Southeast, and off the coast. Now it seems that dynamic is no longer able to occur to such a degree. Time for a pattern change? Also in my understanding heated rising air produces an area of LOW pressure? And of course where was all the extreme cold in when there was reduced Arctic sea ice??

It is certainly consistent with the near surface temperatures at Dr. I was away this week and missed a lot here at WUWT. IIRC , there were a comment or two on other threads that claimed that the blocking high over Greenland was weakening. Is this still the case? Give Dr. Unless of course the weather decides to heat up in the next week. Happy new year everyone. I think I can see a glacier forming at the end of my street. It was claimed to be. Fake global warming, yet another violation of our rights.

They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns. They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.