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The psychotic orchestration of Fritz Lang's sound with music. Brown , Royal S. Thoughtful and readable. Coyle, Rebecca ed.

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Will yield great rewards for anyone who can see beyond its Marxist rhetoric. However, it suffers from a great lack of musical justification for it arguments.

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Detailed philosophical and historical arguments. Discusses principles for scoring diegetic music and underscoring dialogue. Especially useful for composers.

Kathryn Kalinak

Contains an excellent section on the dramatic effectiveness of certain types of orchestration. Contains an interesting section on film music and politics. Larson, Randall D.

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Film Music: From Violins to Video. Virtually all aspects of film scoring are discussed, grouped into general sections concerning aesthetics, history, animated films, documentaries, the influence of classical music, and so on. The individual essays vary in quality and approach, with some providing mainly historical perspective, while others propose theories on what film music should be; the largest section of essays is devoted to appreciations of individual scores, most of which date from the s through the s.

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Contains a penetrating section on the aesthetics of the sound film. Contains analyses of many scores including: , Henry V, The Best Years of Our Lives and The Devils as well as numerous statements by film composers about their own techniques and preferences. The primary interest of the book is on dissection of individual scores at the notation level.

Prendergast freely uses music theory and terminology throughout, and this text is recommended mainly for musicians and music scholars.

Settling the Score: Music and the Classical Hollywood Film

Raksin in association with a festival of classic film scores at the Stanford Theatre in Palo Alto, California in April Search Amazon for more film music books! For a better shopping experience, please upgrade now. Javascript is not enabled in your browser.

  • UW Press - : Settling the Score: Music and the Classical Hollywood Film, Kathryn Kalinak.
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    Beginning with the earliest experiments in musical accompaniment carried out in the Edison Laboratories, Kathryn Kalinak uses archival material to outline the history of American music and film. Customer Reviews Average Review. He is a regular contributor to Forbes. Dombrowski is currently conducting archival research for a book on Robert Altman and American independent cinema in the s and s.

    She received her Ph.

    His research on the industrial history of Hollywood has appeared in a variety of academic journals and edited collections. Barbara Lupack Routledge, He works on American popular music, film and cartoon music, and the history of the music industry.

    Selected Bibliography of Film Music Materials for Librarians

    An Elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, he is the author or editor of more than 2 dozen books, several of which have been used for many years as course texts, including Film Genre Reader and Documenting the Documentary. His work has appeared in numerous anthologies and journals, and he has lectured around the world on film and popular culture. Her research and publications are concerned with industrial, generic, stylistic and representational histories of Hollywood cinema.

    Scott Higgins is Charles W. His first book, Hollywood Vault: Film Libraries before Home Video University of California Press, , explored how the Hollywood studios exploited their old movies across new markets and technologies from the s through the s. In addition to publishing about Hollywood history, Hoyt has been a leader in the enabling broad access to historical sources and building digital tools to help us better understand them.

    Hoyt leads the Media History Digital Library MHDL , which has scanned over 2 million pages of books, magazines, and trade papers related to film and broadcasting history. Huelsbeck has twenty years of experience managing film, videotape, audio, photograph, manuscript, and three dimensional object collections, and has worked in museums, libraries, and archives. She is the author of numerous articles on the subject of film music. Her first book, Settling the Score: Music and the Classical Hollywood Film University of Wisconsin Press, situates the film score of the classical Hollywood studio period in terms of historical, theoretical, and musical contexts.

    He is the author of several essays on Hollywood film, including two contributions to The Classical Hollywood Reader.

    Most recently, he has been creating video essays about camera movement in Hollywood. His most recent book is A Companion to D.