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Searching for Annabel Chong

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Gerrie Lim : We found 10 results. These colourful pieces touch on identity, language, culture, ethnicity, sexuality, politics, memory, religion, geography, arts and activism, painting a picture of the complex and vibrant society that is Singapore today. Trocki Eds. Singapore's era of pluralism between the s and s is a largely overlooked part of the country's recent history.

It was a time of extraordinary cultural, intellectual and political dynamism: students, labour unions, ambitious political contenders and representatives of the various ethnic communities all stepped forward to offer alternate visions of Singapore's future from across the entire political spectrum. They generated ideologies, priorities, perspectives and social visions such as mainstream "official" politics had never known before and has not seen seen since.

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Most of the papers in this volume were first presented at a conference organised by the Asian Research Institute of the National Univerrsity of Singapore in The contributions weave an alternative history to the "Singapore Story". They reveal a cast of significant players who offered real alternatives to the enduring PAP model and not the false starts they have often been portrayed as, thereby illuminating paths that were eventually not taken. This book will remind older Singaporeans of pages of pages from their past and provide a younger generation with a novel perspective of Singapore's past struggles.

This book comprises the recollections penned by the participants of the era of the s, where their generation was in the forefront of the anti-colonial movement, and the work of academic researchers who have examined the historical framework and context of the period, as well as how it has been made to fit in to the country's mainstream history.

The researchers have also examined the students' cultural expressions, whether it is in art, drama, dance or literature and found to be socially engaged, and grappling with the question of who they were as a people. The cultural explorations of that period have been forgotten or repudiated.

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It is revealing just how this amnesia and silence has become so set. It is also impossible to imagine the demands that age had put on this generation of youths. Said Zahari, formerly editor-in-chief of the Malay daily Utusan Melayu, was detained without trial in Singapore from This is the second volume of his projected autobiographical trilogy and deals with the reasons why he was seen as a political threat, his sufferings in detention, his personal and political interactions with others involved both before and after his time in prison.

Said Zahari has received the international Award for Press Freedom. Singapore lawyer Teo Soh Lung has written this careful account of her experiences and feelings when detained in Whitley Detention Centre 21 from May to 6 September , and from April to 1 June Accused of involvement in the alleged "Marxist Conspiracy", Soh Lung discusses many legal aspects of the case, including Singapore's banning of London QC Anthony Lester and her various Appeal attempts.

She tells of the regime and her physical and emotional suffering, as well as the strategies and beliefs which enabled her to retain her integrity and balance in circumstances intended to subdue her. That much you should expect from the average reader. So this is where you might have to look elsewhere for supporting complementary text to put what Gerrie has to say in context.

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Singapore Rebel becomes ineffable and alienating because you cannot automatically draw connections. It needs relations, like other penetrative carnal accounts of porn and why people do what they do, which can be easily accessed on the web like how you can find real porn! Take, for example, this piece of writing about Sasha Grey apparently famous enough to appear on TV for an interview with Tyra Banks.

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