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Then, one day, Cricket and his family move back in next door. Lola figured she was over him, but she didn't count on him not being over her. I found that it was the little things that made this book a top-notch romance. Perkins is great with characterization, and while Lola sometimes grates -- she's a year-old who acts like one -- the minor characters in this one are fabulous.

Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins - review

Lola's two dads are also a delight: it's nice to have a gay couple shown as stable and loving without making a big deal about it. Additionally, they're great characters in their own right.

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Filling out the cast is her "normal" friend Lindsay, who helps keep Lola grounded and doesn't get enough page time. Anna with her boyfriend St.

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Clair from Perkins' first book show up to provide guidance and end up stealing every scene they are in. Then there's Cricket.

He's nice. No: he's wonderful. Swoon-worthy, geeky, genius, awkward, and much, much too good for Lola.

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It was an interesting twist for a Teen book to have the guy be the "good" one, the one that Lola has to aspire to "deserve"; too often it's the other way around. You want Cricket and Lola to get together, but the whole push and pull of their relationship, the tension surrounding the question of whether or not they could give their relationship a second go, is enough to keep you on the edge of your seat calling out, "Just kiss already! It will make you believe that Romance and True Love aren't dead.

And if it doesn't, there's always the awesome Marie Antoinette dress.

The Boy Series | Author Meg Cabot

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Praise "This light rom-com holds heartbreak, surprises, and significant Campbell family dynamics that will hit home with many teens. Rory's story will ring a chord with die-hard romantics. She faces struggles with school, meeting new people, and the anxiety of feeling not good enough.