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Describe the connection issue. SearchWorks Catalog Stanford Libraries. The other shore : essays on writers and writing. Responsibility Michael Jackson.

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Imprint Berkeley, Calif. Physical description xi, p. Online Available online. Green Library.

J23 Unknown. More options. Find it at other libraries via WorldCat Limited preview. Bibliography Includes bibliographical references.

The Other Shore by Michael D. Jackson - Allegra

Drawing on literary, anthropological and autobiographical sources, he explores writing as a technics akin to ritual, oral storytelling, magic and meditation, that enables us to reach beyond the limits of everyday life and forge virtual relationships and imagined communities. Although Maurice Blanchot wrote of the impossibility of writing, the passion and paradox of literature lies in its attempt to achieve the impossible - a leap of faith that calls to mind the mystic's dark night of the soul, unrequited love, nostalgic or utopian longing, and the ethnographer's attempt to know the world from the standpoint of others, to put himself or herself in their place.

Every writer, whether of ethnography, poetry, or fiction, imagines that his or her own experiences echo the experiences of others, and that despite the need for isolation and silence his or her work consummates a relationship with them. She finds in the writings of Aleksandr Herzen, Anton Chekhov, and Mikhail Bakhtin a pioneering emphasis on the role of chance and contingency in nature and history. Their writing on this theme, she argues, establishes the importance of these humanists in the development of European thought. Herzen, the principal subject of the book, was among the first nineteenth-century thinkers to challenge the assumptions underlying doctrines of universal progress.

Mill, and Darwin. She shows how the view of freedom that Herzen shared with Chekhov and Bakhtin provides an antidote both to traditional absolutes and to the boundless relativism of much postmodern theory. As such it offers an answer to the question now besetting intellectuals in Russia and the West: how to ground morality after the collapse of ideological certainties.

Aileen M. She is a frequent contributor to the New York Review of Books and other major journals. Aileen Kelly reminds us of another Russian tradition?

Taylor on Kelly, 'Views from the Other Shore, Essays on Herzen, Chekhov & Bakhtin'

The author writes of these thinkers with enormous acumen, vigor and sympathy. Milton Ehre, Washington Times. Kelly is one of the finest intellectual historians now writing. Like her mentor Isaiah Berlin, she is remarkably wide-ranging, moving easily from philosophy to literature to history, and no less at home in English, French and German thought than in her own area of expertise, 19th and 20th century Russians writers and thinkers.