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Analysts, she claims, are no more strangers to trauma than are their patients.

Using in-depth clinical illustrations, Dr. Brothers demonstrates how a mutual desire to heal and to be healed from trauma draws patients and analysts into their analytic relationships. She recommends the reconceptualization of what has heretofore been considered transference and countertransference in terms of the transformation of experienced uncertainty. He also offers coaching on-line. Othmane is dedicated to helping children, adolescents, adults, couples, and their families feel supported and function at their best.

Toward a Psychology of Uncertainty Trauma Centered Psychoanalysis

Do you find yourself overwhelmed by feelings of worry, sadness, loneliness, or anger? Do you find it hard to enjoy what you have today, but feel stuck in the past, or keep worrying about the future? Do you struggle to communicate your feelings effectively to others? When we don't learn to successfully deal with our thoughts and emotions, when past wounds are left unattended, they intensify, and get expressed in unproductive, angry, or hurtful ways towards yourself and the people you love.

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I'm here to help you get through yours and grow from the experience. Whether you've been feeling stressed and overwhelmed, down, irritable or anxious, I can help you feel better and find your path to a more satisfying life.

I have experience treating depression and anxiety, improving self-esteem and confidence as well as defining one's identity and purpose. Additionally, I help couples navigate life transitions e. My goal is to accompany you in this process and support you throughout your journey of putting order to emotional chaos, reconnecting with your strengths, and recreating meaning in life.

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Marianne Natalie Braganza. We both specialize in treating those who have experienced trauma.

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Many individuals have come to me over the years feeling discouraged, and believing that there is no hope. There is hope for you.

Toward a Psychology of Uncertainty Trauma Centered Psychoanalysis on PopScreen

Please visit our new website at www. Catherine Mereb Psychologist , MEd. I completed my training at McGill University and specialize in working with individuals who are experiencing personal difficulties that interfere with their lives. Among the concerns commonly presented are low self-esteem, symptoms of stress, relationship or family issues, as well as feelings of anxiety and depression.

Naila Alidina Counsellor , MA, nd. These experiences have helped me develop my holistic-style of counselling by which I aim to support you and your family, as you journey your way towards wellness.

Every person is unique and our work together will be catered towards your particular need. I operate from a feminist and anti-oppressive model, with self-determination as a guiding principle for our work. Together we can build a system that promotes wellness, healthy relationships and autonomy in all areas of your life! This will be carried out in a mutually respectful non-judgmental way. I practice mostly using narrative therapy but also use EMDR for trauma. Narrative therapy seeks to be a respectful, non-blaming approach to counseling, which centres people as experts in their own lives.

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The Dark Side of Hope

About this product Product Information Making use of relational systems theory, this book shows that experiences of uncertainty are continually transformed by the regulatory processes of everyday life such as feeling, knowing, forming categories, making decisions, using language, creating narratives, sensing time, remembering, forgetting, and fantasizing. Additional Product Features Author s. Doris Brothers, Ph. Show more Show less.